From: "VanSickle, Harry"

Date: June 16, 2008 12:29:42 PM EDT

To: "Richard King"

Cc: "Harhut, Chet", [Allegheny County Council]

Subject: Faulkner County Arkansas/Human Error in Election Set UP 


Dr King,

The Secretary asked me to send this link to you regarding the email you sent to him which is below. Everyone now knows that the problem in Faulkner County,Arkansas was caused by human error and by not proofing and testing one’s work. We stress this to counties all the time here in Pa. and I know they take Logic and Accuracy testing very seriously. In fact, Allegheny County does an excellent job with their equipment when it comes to the programming, testing and security of voting systems.

Thank you,

Harry VanSickle


Audit reveals human error cause of election debacle  <>




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From: Richard King

To: [Allegheny County Council]

Sent: Tue Jun 03 15:15:03 2008

Subject: Electronic votes didn't match the paper print out...


Yes, these are the same machines we use in Allegheny County


Electronic votes didn't match the votes recorded on the paper print out... This should be good enough reason not to use these machines in November...



County to investigate latest election snafu