Testimony by:

         Carlana Rhoten

         5503 Hays Street

         Pittsburgh, PA 15206

         412-363-7472 or 412-728-3477




         Rogers Middle School

         5525 Columbo Street

         Pittsburgh, PA 15206

         Ward 11, District 5




November 7th, 2006 around 1 PM, on election day in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, I went to Rogers Middle School, where I have voted the past twelve years.  I signed the card to vote and voted on an iVotronic touch screen voting machine.  I chose to vote for Bob Casey for Senator and continued selecting candidates for all offices on the ballot, paging through the sequential screens on the ballot for each additional office.  I then chose to vote on the referendum issue. 


Then I got to the “review” page.  I was shocked to see Rick Santorum's name at the top of the screen with a check mark in front of it.  I called the Judge of Elections to the machine and explained the problem. We deleted everything.  I started at the beginning and voted again for each office.  This time Bob Casey's name appeared at the top with a check mark in front of it for US Senator.  I touched the screen to confirm the vote.


I asked the Judge of Elections to write her name as a witness and asked to fill out a complaint form.  She dug around some papers, called the County Elections Office and proceeded to tell me that I was not allowed to fill out a complaint form while I was still in the same room as the machine.  She said I would have to go home, write a letter to the County Election Office, and put the letter in the mail.


I argued that it would be too late for a remedy.  The Election Office needed to be informed immediately and the machine needed to be inspected to determine why it made an error.  She insisted I would have to go home and write a letter and put it in the mail. I was very angry and warned some voters coming in the room to look very carefully at their review screen.  She insisted that I could not speak to any voters to warn them.



I wrote down the numbers of the machine:



         Team 09



Before I left Rogers Middle School, I reported my difficulty to the Election Protection Volunteers and to the Democratic Committee man on site.  Later, I dialed numbers for complaints and spoke to an attorney, Sean Gallager, and asked that the machine be impounded for inspection.  I have not heard from him since I made my complaint.


On Wednesday, November 8, 2006, I wrote and mailed a letter of complaint to the County Election Office.


I swear and attest under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania that the foregoing is true and correct. 


Executed this 13th day of November, 2006 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.



/s/ Carlana Rhoten

_____________________________ .


Carlana Rhoten