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VoteAllegheny Report on the Election Night Tabulation of Returns on 11/07/2006, dated December 4, 2006

VoteAllegheny Report on ES&S M650 Logic and Accuracy Testing, October 31, 2006 - Revision 1.2 of November 12, 2006

Requiring Software Independence in VVSG 2007: STS Recommendations for the TGDC - draft report of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, November 2006

Pennsylvania Directive Concerning the Use, Implementation and Operation of Electronic Voting Systems by the County Boards of Elections, dated 9/15/2006

League of Women Voters Pittsburgh report

League of Women Voters Pittsburgh comments of members on process

League of Women Voters Pittsburgh summary of comments on election-day experiences in November 2006

Report of Martin B. O'Malley, VoteAllegheny

Report of Audrey N. Glickman, VoteAllegheny

Presentation of Marybeth Kuznik, VotePA

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