VoteAllegheny, Working Toward Secure, Recountable Voting Systems


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We must conserve the security of our vote. We know that we voted, but how do we know whether our vote was properly counted?

Has anyone compromised our voting systems, before we bought them or after? How will we ever know?

And what can we do to safeguard our future votes?

Concentrating on Allegheny County, VoteAllegheny and our allies have crafted legislation for Allegheny County Council. We hope they will simply introduce and then adopt it. Some folks have been circulating petitions to enter this legislation into their consideration (500 signatures needed).

The legislation provides for a Voting Process Review Commission to evaluate our voting system.

The Commission would include as members computer and cybersecurity experts, voting rights advocates, and those who can speak for accessibility matters. They would be tasked with assessing our voting systems for security, recountability, auditability, etc.

The members of the Commission would be volunteers, participating in furthering the needs of democracy.

This is a non-partisan effort, because secure voting systems that provide for recountable ballots and a minimum of hackability should be everyone's goal, and because VoteAllegheny is a non-partisan organization.

Please take a look at our Press Release dated July 17, 2017, and our proposed County Ordinance.

Also please visit MZP Consulting - Don't Tread On My Vote website.