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Special section regarding the call for recounting the 2016 election.

New York magazine 11-22-16 reports on urging of computer scientists for a recount. Link to article.

And CNN picks it up. Link to article.

And RawStory elucidates further on 11-23-16: Link to article.

Meanwhile, Medium publishes J. Alex Halderman’s article about the NY article and further about what he is doing:Link to article.

Halderman is the fellow at U. Michigan whose students hacked into the Washington, D.C., trial of Internet voting, and blew it out of contention. He is smart, and has been with this movement for better voting systems for a long time. And Bonifaz has long been involved, as well.

(In fact, there is a fulsome group of people in this movement who are educated, affiliated with colleges, state facts and demonstrate shortcomings, and still the elected and appointed officials repeat the platitudes and mollifications they have been told, that everything is secure, protected. In fact, by their disparagement and superciliosity, you'd think they built the machines themselves.)

There are also such calls from Bob Fitrakis, who is a bit more eccentric than these fellows, noted in this article by him: Link to article.

Maryland is auditing all the votes, according to The Baltimore Sun.Link to article.

USAToday called for an audit in this op-ed: Link to article.

Greg Palast has been on this matter for much reporting and book writing. He looks at the broader picture of voting, but is keenly aware of the failings of the machines. Here is a story including him, but it is less about the machines and more about the social engineering: Link to article.

And there is this miscellaneous piece, as well: Link to article.

Much more interestingly, there is a recent study of statistical improbabilities that indicate the machines may be pre-rigged. The fellow who lost to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in the primary has lent his data and ability to get information to assist in furthering this study, and it is worth glancing at the executive summary, or the video.

Remember, we do not know the code running in our voting systems, and may not know it because it is proprietary. The forensic audit of Venango County’s election a few years back showed that the machines perform horribly. Report posted here on the VoteAllegheny site, at Venango.

Votergate official website. A great and incisive film from 2004.