c/o 3548 Beechwood Boulevard
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217-2767


September 11, 2006




Allegheny County Board of Elections
c/o Mr. Mark Wolosik, Division Manager
Elections Division, County of Allegheny
County Office Building, Room 604
542 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219


Re: Registering Organization


Dear Honorable Gentlemen of the Board of Elections:


Please register VoteAllegheny as an organization desiring to send a representative to observe the preparation of the voting machines for the coming election, as permitted and as such registration is outlined under 25 P.S.   3031.10(d).


VoteAllegheny has among its purposes detecting, investigating, and preventing election fraud, and prosecuting it where necessary. The address of VoteAllegheny is as above on this letterhead.


Officers of VoteAllegheny are: President Collin Lynch; Vice President David Eckhardt; Secretary/Treasurer Audrey Glickman.


Please notify us by mail, in ample advance and as soon as possible, of the date, time, and place of the machine preparation and logic and accuracy testing, and of any other attending details.


Thank you very much.


Sincerely yours,




Audrey N. Glickman