Citizen to Voter to Elector: Direct Pathway and Obstacles We Must Eliminate

A Citizen becomes a Voter, and a Voter becomes an Elector.

While over the years the United States has seen improvements such as allowing all adult citizens to vote, there has been significant devolution in some matters concerning voting. Sometimes these issues get lumped together in ways that make the whole matter seem overpowering. Sometimes it seems like there is partisanship involved.

We have attempted to chart some of these matters, for use as a guideline. Free, fair, transparent elections are a nonpartisan matter!

Citizens should understand the simple, direct importance of being registered to vote (well before the election), meeting and speaking with candidates, going to the polls and voting in a well-informed and well-thought-out manner, in every election. If you are an elected official, you should also understand how the items on this chart and other matters may affect your election to office. Elected officials may also consider how changes can be made so we can eliminate some of the items on this chart. This chart is a pdf. Please glance it over, read it, study it, share it, post it. It is meant purely for educational purposes, and is by no means comprehensive.

Link to Chart